13. Changes in RAUC

13.1. In Development


  • Added docs/, CHANGES and README to tarball

13.2. Release 0.1.1 (released May 11, 2017)


  • systemd service: allow systemd to manage and cleanup RAUCs mount directory

Bugs fixed

  • Fix signature verification with OpenSSL 1.1.x by adding missing binary flag
  • Fix typo in json status output formatter (“mountpint” -> “mountpoint”)
  • Fixed packaging of systemd service files by removing generated service files from distribution
  • src/context: initialize datainstream to NULL
  • Added missing git-version-gen script to automake distribution which made autoreconf runs on release packages fail
  • Fixed D-Bus activation of RAUC service for non-systemd systems


  • Added contribution guideline
  • Added CHANGES file
  • Converted README.md to README.rst
  • Added RAUC logo
  • Several typos fixed
  • Updated documentation for mainline PTXdist recipes

13.3. Release 0.1 (released Feb 24, 2017)

This is the initial release of RAUC.